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Muh-muh-muh MY CORONA!

The single best thing we can do to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19 is staying at home. Maintaining healthy personal hygiene by washing your hands and using sanitizer are practices that should already be in place though perhaps with more prudence.

A friend of mine sent me this CDC graphic on how to make your own hand sanitizer. This activity is a fun and beneficial way to be proactive in the fight against this nasty virus. It is important to make sure that at least 60% of the recipe contains isopropyl alcohol. For my recipe, I scraped fresh aloe from the plant, added witch hazel, and threw in some elderberry extract and peppermint essential oil for added reinforcement. I also bottled the extra aloe I did not use to administer separately to prevent dry skin.

My sister introduced a new daily regimen in my life this past Christmas that I highly recommend for bolstering and improving gut health among other benefits. This "witch's brew" or morning boost as it is also called has rendered for me improved mental clarity, enhanced body composition, and (TMI) a more enjoyable experience in the bathroom. The recipe is as follows:

Witch's brew

Fill 12 oz. glass 1/3 full with water.

Add (in the following order):

  • 1 T. Black Chia Seed - organic

  • 2 T. Ground Flaxseed - organic

  • 1 T. Juiced Green Superfood

  • 1 T. Raw Organic Protein

  • 1 T. Collagen Peptides

  • 1 T. Turmeric - organic

  • 1 t. Maca powder

  • 1 T. Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1 T. 100% Pomegranate juice

  • 1 T. Ginger - organic

  • .05 ml black elderberry

  • .05 ml peppermint essential oil

  • .05 ml CBD oil

Add more water and whisk away! Shoot the brew down. (You won't really want to take your time with this as it isn't the most appetizing cocktail; though, the added pomegranate juice and peppermint help ease the discomfort and grimace.) I throw in a teaspoon of creatine powder as I am also interested in improving my body composition The recipe can be adapted to fit and suit your specific needs (and to accommodate product availability.) Most of the items I was able to find at my local grocer though I did swing by the higher-end organic markets for a few things.

Another practice that has shown dramatic results for me has been intermittent fasting. Partnered with a whole food and clean-eating diet, your body will thank you. My fasting begins after dinner (around 7pm). I "break" my fast 16 hours later at 11am with the witch's brew. This is key.

The bacteria that has grown overnight in your gut is wanting to be fed, and what you feed it determines what your body deems as nourishment. SO, if you feed your gut breads, sugars, and sweets--that is what you will crave and consider satisfying.

However, if you feed your gut a nutritious and vitamin/mineral packed meal or shake--your body, as I said earlier, will thank you. I load up the rest of my "intake" window with fresh veggies, fruits, and protein--eggs and fish are my mainstay. I eat a bit of red meat every now and then, but prefer the added health benefits of fish oil.

All of the above paired with my daily fitness regimen prepared by Dustin Detzer (@holisticpersonaltraining812) has given me a new lease on life, mental clarity, clearer skin, a feeling (if not a true sense) of protection from disease and harmful pathogens, and general strengthened immunity.

I wish everyone had a cool sister like I do! Thanks Leigh for sharing your wisdom and helping me find better ways to live and experience life. I share my sister's advice and my practices because they have worked. Lastly, surround yourself with friends and folks like my sister and Dustin. Your social life and environment determine your success.


I am always interested in hearing what works for you. So, please comment and let me know what you do to live and lead a positive, healthy life. With the right mindset and vigilance, we can bolster our efforts to combat this pandemic and go forth with stronger minds and bodies.

Peace. Health. Music.


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